And the Survey Says…

Wow! Thank you a million times over for taking the time to answer the Reader Survey. Your answers gave me so much insight and clarity. Things I was unsure about, you verified. Then you completely surprised me in other areas. Because of the personal nature of some of the answers, I am not going to share all of the results, but I thought you might like to see a snapshot of who else is reading this blog.

Q1: What is your gender?

92% of you are female. Thank you to the brave men who join us.

reader survey gender date

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Q2: What is your age? 

Most of you are in my age range, although a variety of others age ranges are here as well. I must say, it is a little intimidating to think I am speaking to women older and wiser than I am. Thank you for being here, I am honored. Please, add your insights and wisdom any time.

Reader Survey age date

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Q3: What is your highest level of education?

We are all over the board . Everyone from high school to graduate school graduates read this blog. I love the diversity!

Q4: Which of the following best describes your relationship status?

100% of us are married or in a relationship.

Q5: Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?

This answer surprised me, although in hindsight I am not sure that it should have. Most of you are employed full-time. There are a few part-timers, students, and retired readers. However, there was only 1 stay at home parent.

I have been a stay at home mom since I was 19, so I feel like a fish out of water. The good news is, staying at home is WORK. Being a student is WORK. And being retired means you WORKED. So, I will draw from my experience working as a mom and make it transferable for you.

reader survey data, employment status

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Q6: How many, if any, children do you have? What are their ages?

Most of you have children, but not all by any stretch of the imagination. What I found interesting is that none of you have children younger than age 7, and the oldest child is age 57! This gives me a good idea of the things you are facing as parents. The good news is teen and preteen years are my favorite to talk about.

Q7: One average, how many books do you read a month?

Most of us are readers. This is good, because I like to talk about books. A lot!

reader survey, book reading data

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Q8: What is your favorite book genre?

You like a little bit of everything, which is again good, because so do I. :)

Q9 and Q10: How important is faith to your overall life? Which answer best describes how often you attend church?

All of you ranked faith as important of very important. 75% of you attend church almost every week. The remaining 25% attend at least once a month to never.

Q11: Which answer best describes the current state of your spiritual life?

No one said their spiritual life is wonderful, the best it’s ever been. Most said they are doing OK, but many are struggling.

I think this is normal. We are not often in a sweet spot with our faith. I see our faith life as a series of steps and each of those steps are often impacted by our circumstances. I hope I can encourage you to simply take one step at a time and to keep moving forward.

Q12- Q14: What is your biggest challenge, what do you want most, and what is your biggest obstacle in your daily, family, and spiritual life?

Many of you shared deeply personal answers. I am both honored and grateful. I assure that even though I do not know who you are, I am praying for you. I hope that the words I write will help you overcome your challenges and obstacles so you can have the things you desire most.

I did observe though that time and busyness were a common theme. Know this: You are not alone!

Q15: Which of the following topics on my blog interests you the most or do you find most helpful?

This was a fun one! Every topic had some interest. That is encouraging.

Spiritual Disciplines and Personal Growth were the most popular answers.

Everyday posts about me and my family came in third. That tickled and surprised me. I was almost ready to abandon all personal everyday life posts and just use Facebook for that purpose. Clearly, I would have a revolt on my hands. So, your wish is my command.

A close third was Managing Daily Challenges.

The two lowest scoring topics were discovering freedom and healing from painful experiences. That was interesting, because those two topics are probably the ones I am most passionate about. It is all good for thought.

reader survey blog topic data

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Q16- Q21 In what ways has my blog helped you? What resources would you like? Shorter vs. longer posts? Words that describe this blog? Would you recommend this blog? Other comments?

In summary, you find this blog encouraging. That makes me happy because one of my main spiritual gifts is encouragement. So, I am doing my job.

You aren’t certain about resources but had a few ideas. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, too.

You describe this blog as encouraging, thought-provoking, real, and fun. I am thrilled because each of these words are on my list of words I want people to think of when they leave this space.

You would all recommend my blog. Yay and thank you!

Most of you have no preference on post length and some even prefer longer– that’s good because, umm… long-winded much. (I apologize to my short post preferer’s. I’ll try to keep a good balance.)

And such sweet comments in the other section. To the one who said “I love you!” Well, I love you right back. ALL of you in fact. And to the friend who said “No more siestas!” We have a deal. No more siestas!

Again, thank you for taking the time and putting your heart into this survey. I hope in seeing these results you realize what an incredible, diverse, and yet connected group you are. I may write this blog, but you are the most important people here. Your hearts, your words, and your dreams…. they are what really makes this place special.

In a few days, I will be posting a special gift for you. It isn’t much, but I hope you like it.

With Love, Amy E Patton


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