Staying Afloat While Writing a Book

I haven’t mentioned it in a long time, but I am writing a book. Me and about a million other people. It seems everyone is writing a book. Or wants to.

It seems like everyone is writing a book via Amy E Patton

Before I started the writing process, I didn’t know how hard it would be. In fact, I thought it would be simple.

Not easy. Just simple.

Writing a book is not easy via Amy E Patton

I knew what I wanted to write. I knew how to write. I had the time to write.

I felt the call to write.

My goal was in sight. The path seemed straight. I could do this.

We must see our goal when writing a book. via Amy E Patton

And then.

As quickly as I started…

staying afloat at the start via Amy E Patton


Big Scary Obstacles-

Got in my way.

Obstacles interfere with writing a book via Amy E Patton

I got stuck. I got sick. I got distracted. I got discouraged, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, bogged down.

I wasn’t just ready to quit. I did.

Fortunately, my family and two close friends came alongside and helped me get back in the race.

They kept me afloat.
staying afloat takes help via Amy E Patton

A tad bit wiser, I started again.

Writing. Writing. Writing.

staying afloat along the race via Amy E Patton

Floating. Floating. Floating.

Staying afloat via Amy E Patton

This time, I realized the journey was going to be far from simple. It would take energy, commitment and skill. It would also take people.

Writing a book is not a solitary act.

It takes people. Lots and lots of people. People in the process with you.

Writing a book is not a solitary act via Amy E Patton

People in the process help you navigate around obstacles instead of getting sucked under by them.

staying afloat inspire of obstacles via Amy E Patton

And still.

You need family and friends.

Cheering you on and holding you accountable.

Keeping you afloat.

Even if it means they have to get in the water with you.

people help you stay afloat while writing a book via Amy E PattonListening for the hundredth time while you work out a problem in the narrative. Reading page after page of really bad writing. Waiting days… months… a year for the next installment.

Some days, the finish line seems miles away.

But I am closer than when I started, and I am probably closer to crossing it than I think I am.

staying afloat near the finish line via Amy E Patton

At least that is what one of my friends told me the other day.

She reminded me of my why. She reminded me of my gift. She reminded me of my call.

She told me I could do it. That she believed in me.

lucky duck stays afloat via Amy E Patton

That one sentence.

I believe in you.

Is all I needed to remind me to get back in the race and finish strong.

The goal of writing a book is to finish strong via Amy E Patton

We must do this.

We need to finish strong.

There are people out there watching. Waiting. Wanting us to win. To finish the race.

friends cheering you on while writing a book via Amy E Patton

They need our stories. Our successes. They even need our failures.

They need us to stay afloat.

People are waiting for us to finish writing a book via Amy E Patton

To show the way. To be a part of their process.

Writing a book. Raising a family. Hosting a duck race.

It doesn’t matter.

We need each other.

We are the secret to staying afloat. We are the secret to finishing the race.

Who has been there for you this week? How have friends or family shown up when you needed them most?

Share your story in the comments. Give them a hug. Tell them thank you. Then get back out there and finish your race.

With Love, Amy E Patton

 This post is a part of The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Afloat. These pictures were taken in July 2013 at a duck race held at my local church, Springbrook Community Church. Images may not be used for any reason without permission.

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