Words Cannot Begin to Express Our Pride and Gratitude

A year and a half ago, Keighty signed up for the World Race. I didn’t realize it in full at the time, but that one act launched our family into a long, challenging, and exciting adventure.

This season has involved many things, but one of the biggest has been the humbling act of fundraising.

Keighty needed to fundraise $16,277 in order to participate in the World Race. She did not have to have the total raised in order to launch. The race sets benchmarks racers must achieve at various points in their journey ($3500 before training camp, $7500 before launch, $10,500 by month three of the race, and the final amount by month six).

However, Keighty’s personal goal was to leave fully funded so that she could focus 100% on ministry and growth during the race.

fundraising thermometer

Sixteen thousand dollars is a lot of money. It is an extra large sum for a part-time working college student. Keighty knew that she was going to have to work hard to raise the money.

She sent out support letters to friends and family.

She hosted mini fundraisers- a weekend babysitting raffle, $11 on 11/11 and $7 for Launch.

She sold coffee and t-shirts.

She got a second part-time job, and for 4 weeks this summer she took on a temporary full-time job.

She also took on every babysitting and dog sitting job that came her way. She even had an opportunity to parrot sit.

No job was too small or odd for her to take because the truth is Keighty needed to raise not only $16,277 but also money for her gear, spending money for the race, and some extra to keep in her savings account to support her until she is able to find a job after returning home.

I am beyond proud of my daughter for how she has worked to accomplish her goal.

Words cannot begin to express my pride.

Keighty is ready to launch on the World Race

And yet, I realize that none of Keighty’s hard work would have lead to anything without the love and support of family and friends.

Family and friends responded to Keighty’s support letters with so much generosity that Keighty did not have to host large fundraisers.

Family and friends entered Keighty’s raffle, donated to her mini-fundraisers with both small and large amounts that went beyond anything we could have imagined.

Family and friends purchased coffee that we quickly discovered tasted incredible but wasn’t worth the cost in shipping and t-shirts which they wear with pride.

Friends recommended Keighty for a part-time nannying job and a temporary full-time job at a local nursery (flowers not children) that gave her the boost in income she needed to buy her remaining gear and cushion her savings account.

Other friends asked Keighty to babysit, dog sit, house sit, and even teenage watch. In all of this Keighty discovered a deeper passion for working with children, for loving others, and for hard work. She learned life skills, organization management, and even the valuable lesson of saying no when her schedule became too full.

Family and friends gave and gave, including on special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and graduation. For the past year and a half, family and friends have gifted Keighty with gift cards, packing gear, clothing and every other item under the sun to lower Keighty’s personal cost to the race.

John and I are blown away by everyone’s generosity, support, and enthusiasm. Not a single gift or donation has gone unnoticed.

Words cannot begin to express our thanks.

It is not possible to share the magnitude or depth of what we have learned and experienced as a result. Only one word does it any justice:


Every single gift reminded us how deeply we are loved and more than that how deeply our daughter is loved.

Every single gift revealed how much you love God and want His love shared with a world deeply in need of it.

Every single gift caused us to open our hands and hearts more and more- to deeper relationships, to new relationships, to old relationships, to family and friends, to give more and more of ourselves, our finances and our possessions.

Every single gift grew love within us that we will continue to pour into others for the rest of our lives.

Every single gift is a reflection of love, and we hope that every single one of you can see the reflection of that love on our faces and in our hearts to both you and the world around us.

John, Amy, Keighty, words cannot begin to express our gratitude for your generosity, world race

We love you. We are blessed by you. We are humbled beyond words.

We are grateful, and we say thank you from here to eternity because your abundant giving is allowing Keighty to launch on the World Race FULLY FUNDED!

With Love, Amy E Patton

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