I’m curled up on my couch giving my body time to heal from bronchitis. Fifteen years ago, my daughter was curled up on our couch giving her body time to heal from strep throat. It’s not often you remember the exact date your daughter had strep throat, but today is 9/11, and like you, I remember everything about that day.

We lived in Indiana. We didn’t know anyone personally effected by the events, and yet the ripple affect left a wake of devastation in our family’s life.

It still makes me uneasy. I cringe this time every year, hoping the feelings remain dormant. I am still walking that road of healing– healing from guilt that I didn’t realize the impact 9/11 had on my daughter.

9/11 shook more than my family.

The shockwave that occurred when those towers crumbled created a seismic shift in our nation. A shift that altered the landscape of how we do life. Fear took hold.

Fear is an awful companion, and yet as I look at our country– the way we govern, protect, educate, and parent– I realize that much of what we do is filtered through the lens of safety. Safety sounds like a good filter, but not when our sieve is fear.

We need to heal. 

I didn’t realize how desperately we need to heal until I went to Rwanda and saw how an entire nation chose to do the hard work of healing after the Genocide. Rwanda, like America, chooses to never forget.

Kwibuka20 Rwanda Remembers the genocide.

Kwibuka is the Kinyarwanda word for remember.

It’s how and why we remember 9/11 that makes the difference in our recovery.

If we remember in order to harbor anger, bitterness, hurt, and fear, we will not heal. If we remember for the purpose of learning, growth, change, reverence, and wisdom, the wounds will heal. Yes, scars remain, but healing comes.

May we never forget.

Why we need to remember 9/11. We need to heal.

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Today’s post is inspired by Kate Montaung’s Five Minute Friday.

Five Minute Friday is community of writers who free write for five minutes each week and then share those unedited words with the world. This week’s writing prompt is heal.

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